Aasha Marie Alfreda Brockington Alphie And The Explosions Alvadean Coker Ambassadors Anita Carter Anthony And The Sophomores Art And Dotty Todd Arthur K. Adams Arthur Thomas


Barbara Lynn Barbara Mason Barry and the Vikings Beatlettes Benny Gordon Benny Harper Benny Sigler Big Dee Irwin Big John & the Philadelphians Billy And The Essentials Billy Barton Billy Floyd Billy The Essentials Bob Green Bob Luman Bob Taylor Bobby Bennett Bobby Bond Bobby Bradshaw Bobby Gregg Bobby Lee Trammell Bobby Peterson Bobby Please and the Pleasers Bolean Barry Bonnie Guitar Brenda And The Tabs Brenda And The Tabulations Brockington Chorale Ensemble Brutal Force Burt Jackson Buster Jones Butlers


C.L. Weldon And The Pictures Captain Freak & the Lunacycle Band Carmen Taylor Carolyn Veal Carousels Charen Cotten Chuck Como Cindy Gibson Claudine Clark Clickettes Cliff Nobles Clint Ballard, Jr. Coalitions Combo Kings Connie Conway Continental Gems Craig Alden Creations Creel Sisters Cruisers Cynthia Sheeler


Dale & Grace Dallas Frazier Dandevilles Danny and the Juniors Darrell Howe Davey and the Doc Rays Davis Brothers De La Soul DeCastro Sisters Dee Dee Barnes Dee Irwin Delfonics Delights Della Humphrey Dennis Olivieri Dick Hoyt Dick Jordan Dick Van Dyke Dickie Podolor Dido Rowley Don Cole Donnie Owens Dorothy And The Hesitations Dorsey Burnette Douglas Banks Duane Eddy Dusty Rose


Eddie Carroll Eddie Garson Edge of Darkness Emily Evans Emperors Ernie And the Halos Ernie Andrews Ernie Fields Orchestra Ever Ready Gospel Singers Exzels


Famous Hearts Fantastic Johnny C Fantasys Five Chords Flavor Flick Wilson Floyd Robinson Four Evers Four Js Francois Vermeille Frank Williams And The Rocketeers Frankie Ervin and the Shields


Gay Meadows Gay Meadows And The Yobyalps Gerald Smith Twig Ginny Wright Glazer/Hall/Halpern/Utain Greg Connor


Hal Frazier Harmony Sweethearts Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes Heartbeats Helene Smith Herb Johnson Honey And The Bees Houston Howard Boggess


Imperial Cs Inspirations Intentions


Jack & Jill Jackie Lavant and the Fashions James Boys James Burton Jamguy JamguyMaster JD And the Expressions Jerry and Dido Rowley Jerry Rowley Jesse Belvin Jim Dale Jimmy Bishop Jimmy Hughes Jimmy Miller Joe Montgomery Joey Gilmore John Ellison Johnny Colmus Johnny Dorelli Johnny Horton Johnny Horton And Billy Barton Johnny Mendall Johnny Night Johnny Rivers Johnny Williams and the Jokers Jon Sisco Jordan Brothers


Kaye Stevens Kayettes Kenny Ball Kenny Gamble Kenny Hamber Kenny Rossi Kirby St. Roman


L J Waiters and the Electrifiers Lane Relations Lane Sisters Larry France Larry Roquemore Lee Hazelwood Lee Maye Leon Huff Les Tres Femmes Lincoln Starr Linda Laws Little Billy Little John Bowie Little Steve Lords of T.O.N.K. Lyn Earlington


Mac Davis Magnum Marie Cooper Marion Worth Mark Robinson Mark Wynter Marla Debrick Marvin and Johnny Mary DeLoach Maureen Gray Maxine Davis Mercy Mike & Ike Mirriam Johnson (Jessi Colter) Mitchell Torok Mort Garson Moses Smith


Ned Miller Neil Sedaka Newports Nicky DeMatteo No Names Norma and Linda Nu-Sound Express Ltd.


Old n Golden One Million Years of Doo Wop


Pacific Ocean Pal And The Prophets Pal Crawford Paradise Paul Thomas Pee Wee Crayton Pee Wee King Pentagons Peoples Choice Persianettes Pervis Herder Philly Doo Wop Classics Philly Sound Pierre Cavalli Pookie Hudson


Reid Wiley Robert Luke Harshman Rollee McGill Romans Ronnie Masters Ronnie Summers Rosenshontz Rotations Roy Lanham Ruckus Tyler


Sandy Coker Sanford Clark Santana Saundra Franklin Savannah Churchill Scamps Sharon Ridley Sharps Sheila Ferguson Soda And 7 Soul Brothers Six Soul Brothers Six John and Les Spiritual Gifts Stevie Howie Stompers Storm Warning-Philly Original Soul Classics Sue Winford Sunday People Sundials Sunny and the Sunliners Sunshine Swallows Swamp Dogg Symphonics


Teddy and the Fingerpoppers Temptones The Ambassadors The Blackwells The Butlers The Clickettes The Creations The David The Dovells The Emanons The Esquire Boys The Ethics The Famous Hearts The Fantastic Johnny C The Five Chords The Globeliters The Heartbeats The Imperial Cs The Inspirations The Intentions The Kayettes The Kit Kats The Larks The Magic Reign The Marcels The New Clarence Reid The Pacers The Pentagons The Quarter Notes The Royal Five The Savettes The Shadows The Sherry Sisters The Sherrys The Show Stoppers The Springers The Stompers The Three Strangers The Tiffanys The Volcanos Thunder, Lightning And Rain Timmy And The Persianettes Timmy Shaw Titus Turner Tom Tall Tom Tall And Ginny Wright Tom Tall And Ruckus Tyler Tom Tall And The Creel Sisters Tony Allen And The Wonders Two Dons Tyrone Ashley




Various Artists Vic Vickers Vince Montana and His Orchestra Volcanos


Warren Bloom and the Sea of Galilee Singers Waveriders Webs Whirlwinds Wilbert Harrison Will-Ettes Winfield Parker Winfield Parker And Praise


Yvonne Baker