Emily Evans
Emily Evans

This is a rare production of country-music superstar producer Billy Sherrill that was not a hit. But it is even rarer as a pop, rather than a country, recording with artist Emily Evans, who also happened to be his sister in law. Though based in Nashville at the time of this production, he had not begun his stellar career at Epic and Columbia Records in late 1962 when this was produced and January 1963, when it came out. At the time, Sherrill had been managing Sun Records Nashville office, which was later sold and closed. Sherrill became closely affiliated with song publisher and promote Al Gallico, who guided Sherrill’s career, even at this early stage.

Only later did he team up with Glenn Sutton, another important Nashville songwriters and producer. Sherrill and Sutton wrote and Sherrill produced such country standards as “Almost Persuaded” by David Houston. Sutton later married singer Lynn Anderson and went out on his own. Sherrill went on to produce Tammy Wynette and wrote some of her most famous songs, like “Stand By Your Man,” with Tammy Wynette. Sherrill also produced Charlie Rich and Johnny Paycheck, whose name was a takeoff on Johnny Cash. He influenced Tammy Wynette to change her name from Wynette Byrd for her singing career. Though a stellar songwriter, Sherrill was also a student of great songwriting and was responsible for promoting the songs of other songwriters as someone who had the highest respect for a good song, which he could uniquely transform into a great production.