Warren Bloom and the Sea of Galilee Singers
Warren Bloom and the Sea of Galilee Singers

Warren Bloom got to Jamie Records as an adopted Philadelphian who did graduate work at Temple University He graduated with an MS in Television and Film Production in 1969. Along the way, he ran into Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates, who arranged Bloom’s recording of “Natural Sinner,” a song that had been a hit in England the year before Warren Bloom’s release on Jamie in April 1971.

Warren Bloom was born on May 12, 1945 in Fairfield Connecticut. He attended Andrew Warde High School, where he captained the tennis team and was a state high-school tennis champion in 1962.

Warren Bloom attended the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, where he performed as part of the One Eyed Jacks. He later toured Philadelphia and Berkeley coffee houses as part of Pervis and Bloom, then became half of a comedy folk act called Kelley and Bloom. His musical comedy group, “Lobotomy,” perfumed at the Bitter End in New York City, Woodrows Ballroom in Springfield Mass, and The Electric Factory, The Main Point and the Second Fret in Philadelphia.

Bloom did not write either side of his Jamie release. The other side “Rollin On My Own,” was written and arranged for him by Ivan Taub. Still, by the time of his Jamie release, he had written several hundred songs, including 40 for a mock rock satirical comedy. He wrote two short films, “The Locket” and “Molly” plus an educational quiz program  He also worked as an assistant to the production crew on the television program “Jeopardy” and taught mathematics, reading and English in the Philadelphia school system.



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