Connie Conway
Connie Conway

Connie Conway was a vocalist and trumpet player in Phoenix who was a close associate of Duane Eddy, Lee Hazlewood and the gang who made Phoenix a musical hotbed in the 1950s. He first came out with his album on Jamie, but Lee Hazlewood and Lester Sill soon converted him over to their own label, which caused some friction with Jamie. The result was that Connie Conway stayed with the new label, but Jamie retained the foreign rights and a few albums from his stint on the label.

This excerpt from the album liner notes to 33 Minutes and 20 Seconds With Connie Conway were written in jest by another Twang Gang insuder, Ben DeMotto, but perhaps foretell the conflict ahead:

Q.  Who was born in Mt. Vernon, Ind., one day late for Christmas and two years early for the Wall Street crash?  Who lives among the people of Phoenix, Arizona, with his songwriter wife and two vocalist daughters; fearing only the people of Arizona, his songwriter wife, and his two vocalist daughters? CONNIE CONWAY

 Q.   What weighs a thousand pounds, is yellow all over, has four legs an sings? Two five hundred pound canaries.

 Q.   Who plays trumpet as well as he sings and appeared in a Phoenix combo in 1943  with an obscure pianist named Steve Allen?  CONNIE CONWAY

 Q.   Who said:  “Yes, I’m sure it’s thirty-three minutes and twenty seconds?”Lester Sill, producer.

 Q.   Who said, "Let's cut forty-eight seconds off of 'Beyond The Blue Horizon'?" Lee Hazlewood, producer

 Q.   Who said:  “What are they doing to me now?  Hold the presses!!” Harry Finfer, president of Jamie Records.

 Q.   Who said:  “Oops!!”? The printer.       

 Q.  And who says:  “Welcome to thirty-three minutes and twenty seconds with Connie Conway, more or less?” Ben DeMotto


33 Minutes and 20 Seconds With Connie Conway

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