Dallas Frazier
Dallas Frazier

Inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1978, Dallas Frasier wrote the Hollywood Argyles’s hit, “Alley Oop,” Jack Greene’s "There Goes My Everything," George Jones’s "If My Heart Had Windows," "Say It's Not You" and "I'm a People," the Oak Ridge Boys’ "Elvira," Brenda Lee’s "If This Is Our Last Time" and "Johnny One-Time," Emmylou Harris’s "Beneath Still Waters," Elvis Presley’s "Where Did They Go Lord" and O.C. Smith’s "Son of Hickory Holler's Tramp.”

Dallas’s June 1959 recording for Jamie came out a year before his first hit, “Alley Oop.” He was months away from his 20th birthday and still living in Wasco California, though the recording was made with Bob Taylor in Phoenix, Arizona. He wrote both sides, “Can’t Go On” and “When You Got Love,” as well as “Watch Out,” which was not released. He worked in Bakersfield California with Ferlin Husky on Hometown Jamboree until it closed down, when Dallas moved to Nashville. There he became an important source of hit songs for the range of artists who epitomized their era. Dallas Frazier cut his own version of many of his hit songs.

Born in Spiro, Oklahoma on October 1939, Dallas Frazier showed precocious musical talent, playing several instruments by the time he was 12. The family moved to Bakersfield, where Dallas started working with Ferlin Husky on Hometown Jamboree. After moving to Nashville, Dallas wrote Ferlin’s hit, “Timber I’m Falling.”