Francois Vermeille
Francois Vermeille

Francois Vermeille, also known as Francois Chesimus Grosbois, was a jazz pianist and composer active from 1947 to 1964. He was a member of the Hot Club of France, where he played jazz piano. He composed film scores and performed and composed with Eddy Barclay. He toured with Django Reinhardt  as part of the Django Reinhardt Quintet with Andre Ekyan, Jean Bouchety and Gaston Leonard. On October 25, 1949, they played on Radio Geneve in Switzerland, which foreshadowed Francois Vermeille’s Jamie Records album by featuring songs about dreams, including “Dream of You” and “Dream Memories” (“Manoir de Mes Reves”). The song appears in Francois Vermeille's version on the Jamie LP. Vermeille was considered the next generation of jazz musicians influenced by Django Reinhardt. Performances in 1949 as part of the Django Reinhardt Quinetet also included Le Tourquet.

Francois Vermeille performed with Gilbert Becaud on Radio Geneva as Chesimus Grosbois and His Orchestra, also in 1949, and played "Do Not Shoot the Piano Player" for Charles Aznavour. Francois Vermeille’s film scores included The Sheep of Pierre Chevalier in 1960.


Music For Dreaming and Dancing-unplayed