The Dovells
The Dovells

The Dovells had had a long successful career by the time they got to Jamie Records for their release, “Our Winter Love” b/w “Blue” (Jamie 1369). They started as the Brooktones in honor of their high school, Overbrook High, famous as the home of Wilt “the Stilt” Chamberlain, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1957. With a personnel change they got a recording contract with Chancellor Records, when they consisted of Arnie Silver, Mark Gordesky, Len Borisoff, Jim Mealey, Jerry Sirlin and William Shunkwiler. The two group members who had left the Brooktones, Jerry Gross and Mike Freda, returned to restore their harmonies when they started recording for Cameo-Parkway Records. They changed their name to the Dovells, which came from simplifying the spelling of Deauville, the name of the hotel in Miami Beach where label head Bernie Lowe had just returned from.

The Dovells’ first Parkway release, Lenny Borisoff-penned “No No No,” was not a hit. In the studio to record their second release, a re-do of Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers’ ballad, “Out in the Cold Again,” they heard of a new suburban dance sensation, the Stomp. Playing a version of the song the kids stomped to, the Dovells quickly recorded a tribute to the suburb and the dance, “The Bristol Stomp.” It started the unanticipated career of dance tunes that included "Do the New Continental," “Bristol Twistin’ Annie” and "You Can't Sit Down.” Len Borisoff had the hit "1-2-3" as a solo artist recorded by Johnny Madara and Dave White under the name Len Barry in 1965. Group members Jerry Grass and Mike Freda produced their Jamie release in January, 1969.


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