Joe Montgomery
Joe Montgomery

Joe Montgomery's "Cool Cat" b/w "Walking With Memories" (Abbott 189) was released on December 15, 1956. Joe Montgomery was born near Chattanooga in Cleveland, Tennessee and moved to Tucson, Arizona, to work for American Airlines. He recorded his own song, “Cool Cat” at Floyd Ramsey’s Phoenix studio, which Lee Hazlewood and Duane Eddy would soon make famous.

Joe Montgomery sent a tape of “Cool Cat,” to Fabor Robison in California. Robison invited him to the Malibu studios of Abbott Records and Joe Montgomery played on sessions out there, including playing rhythm guitar on Bonnie Guitar’s recording of “Dark Moon.” Moving back to Tuscon, he had his next recordings released on Floyd Ramsey’s Phoenix-based Liberty Bell Records in 1957. "Planetary Run" b/w "Since You Fell in Love" (Liberty Bell 9019) and "The Bowling Song" b/w "Fall in Love With Me” (Liberty Bell 9020). Mercury picked up the B side of “Planetary Run,” “Since You Fell in Love,” which Joe Montgomery said Duane Eddy had played on, as indeed was possible since they both were working out the Floyd Ramsey studio at that time. Joe Montgomery did not have a hit with “Since You Fell in Love” but continued to record on his own Baronet Records label and his brother’s Darva Records before retiring to Austin, Texas in the 1980s.


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